Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Wow it has been a long time!

Wow it has been a long time to be MIA and so much has happened. I have became a grandmother in 2014 and have another one to be here in 2018. I have encountered many adventures and have done so many things. I hope to get back in the swing of things and get back to blogging. I look forward to hearing from you all out there. Some of my crafts have included embroidery and paper crafts and stamping. I have recently became a stamping up demonstrator. I also sell Do' Terra essential oils. So I guess I am a jack of all trades to say the lest.
As you can see some of my work. I will have to get the cards that I have made downloaded to show you all. I am just so excited to share with you all. Please please let me know what you think. I value your feedback.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th Of July!

Happy 4th Of July!! It has been a very good day today ! Had a great cook out with my parents! Had some great food that I prepared and hubby he grilled the meat! Then visited with my parents and then later we went and washed the truck and then it was to the park for fireworks! They were pretty good this year! And there was minimal mosquitos and it was a very cool night it was in the low 70's which was awesome the last time we had a cool weathered 4th was 18 years ago when I was pregnant with my son! Well Happy 4th Of July!!!! And God Bless America!!!!.......

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Discussed with myself!

6/23/13 Sunday what cloudy day! And a bit humid. It has been awhile since I have posted! Been a boring life! I have got to do something to lose weight or I will go crazy ! I can't stand myself! I just wish things would be like it was !

Saturday, March 9, 2013

MARCH 9,2013 Where has the time went?!

Wow were has the months went. It is already the 9th of March. And I feel as if my life is in a sort of limbo.. and that I haven't made a diffrence. I so want to make a diffrence. But there is umm sort of a block it feels like. Anyway I have been hunting for things that I can't find and it totally drives me nuts. I have lost my new Red Smash book..And I am wanting to start in it since that is the school colors and want to start on it for his wrestling... Scrapbook like.. Grrr I am ready to go on this.Before I lose all of my stuff to put in it.. LOL My orgnazation skills aren't the greatest. Wish I could afford some one to come in and clean and organize for me. Anyway I have done some orgnizing some what. But I just don't have the energry. I guess I need to go to the doctor and see why I am so tired and no engery. Any way I will be off.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Terrible Tuesday's

Well it is Tuesday the 11th day of Sept. thus the 9-11-01 anniversary. A sad day for our nation.. I often ponder why why did this have to happen. And then I get to thinking of the next 12-12-12 day.. what will that day bring. I have many tell me to quit thinking about it. But I can't.. I think of what this nation means to me and to others of my family and what God means to me. It is a real eye opening think to stop and think of the possibilities. I love God and my family and then so on. But God come first and then my family and then career job or what ever. But most of All God should come first in everyone's life. I hope I have instilled that in my Children and I hope my family (parents and brother) understand and I hope they follow this and put God first in there lives. All so on a day like this I pray that you will not be offended at my post. If it does I am sorry and Pray that God will be Lord of your life. So take today to stop and reflect on your life.. because others didn't have the chance to do that 11yrs ago.. So Have a Blessed day. Melody

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Well it is July all ready and so much has been going on, We just got back from Hawaii and had a great time. I also have been trying so hard to lose weight. I have lost 21 lbs so far. It has been a battle. But I am trying so hard. I know I didn't put it on over night and I am not going to lose it over night. So I am the slow and steady as the turtle goes (Grin) . We had a wonderful time in Hawaii. That was my anniversary present from hubby, it was our 30th on June 12th.. We took the kids with us they had a blast.. Figured they wouldn't get to go any other way. It was relaxing and peaceful. The kids first time in the airplane and they loved it.. I will try to down load pictures.. But like anybody cares.. I guess my subbies I have here don't give a flippin fig about my blog here.. Anyway we went to Kauai Hawaii the island of foliage. It was beautiful.. and the weather was very good yes it did rain everyday but it was showers u could be in and not get horrible wet. The Trade-winds keep the island cool. The high was 85 and low was 65.. I say that the weather was awesome. When everyone back home was 100 to 103.. And we were so cool, there is no humidity there. And the plant life there was beautiful and so was the waters. There was not bugs of any kind there.. but there were a lot of chickens and roosters.. even when going to the gas station. They were every where on the island.. Hubby and Kyle went deep sea fishing and caught tuna.. poor Kyle got sea sick once.. threw up over board and that was it.. He was a trooper.. He had a great time fishing. Kelly and I just lazy around the resort and I did laundry too as we had a washer n dryer so I didn't have to wash when we got home. We had a whole week there from Thursday to the following Wednesday. So we were there a total of 7 days. We also had a fun kitchen and i cooked our meals as it was terrible expensive.. I mean it was 40.00 for adults and 35 for kids even if you just got a burger and fries.. So they had grills and we grilled out every night and went to a little market they had near the resort.. not to bad., but of course if u wanted eggs they were like 5.99 a dozen and milk was 7.99 a gallon and the bread was like 2 something a loaf.. so we went and got a local card for the stores and it help us save quite a bit. If u had a Little Debbie addiction then go there and u will be broke from it... a dozen donuts were 6.99 a box and the cakes were like 6.99 a box of 6 and the pies were like 2.99 a pie.. so needless to say we didn't buy them.. What was kool was the local Walmart had surf boards but they were like 699.00 so that was pricey.. They had one Walmart and One Kmart and a few stores at the mall but all in all it was mostly tourist shops. We had a rental car and we put over 600 miles on it.. good thing they didn't charge by the mileage.. LOL But everything you wanted to do was clear across the island. so the only way to get any where was by car. But I must say it was a a great trip. This summer has been so busy. We got new pedi chairs for the salon and we have had a increase in business. And of course with Kyle in football and wrestling he has been busy with practices and also we had a Special thing with Kelly going to the "Major League All Stars Game" in Kansas City. It was total awesome. And we have a family Reunion on the 28th of this month. And also the first weekend in August we are going to Pennsylvania for a Little League game the Special Pony kids are going to help with the World Series that the Pony League has... So all in all it has been a busy summer so far.. Kyle will start His Jr. Year this year they start school on the 17th or 20th of August.. will know more when we register for school. He is excited for his Jr yr. But it also will be a stressful year as he will be preparing for the ACT's & SAT's.. He is starting to stress out a bit.. He also is Dating a girl from town here and they have been going out for over a yr.. minus 2 weeks that they broke up but all is well. She is home schooled. And works at the local grocery store as a checker. Kyle wants a job but with his school work and his sports he wouldn't be able to keep up.. So we have chose not to let him work. But it may change.. not to sure.. I can't wait to get back at crafting and scrap booking.. Took the summer off and well ever since April trying to save money for the trip.. And as soon as Kyle is registered for school and school clothes bought I am going on a major Scrap Booking shopping spree!! LOL LOL I so have been waiting for this.. I have to get pictures developed and do my Hawaii vac. scrap book.. Well I need to go I have a client that just came in and I have to get busy working.. Have a great day! Melody

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Well it is another day in the life of Me.... I have some really good news I lost another 4 pounds this last week. I am getting so super excited. I love the B 12 & B6 shots... they are so working... My daughter lost another 2 pounds.. I am super excited for her..

Well the Easter season is upon us. I just Praise the Lord for all that he has done In my life and my Families lives.. I am having Easter at my house I think unless my daughter wants to have it at her house.. Either way it will help my mom out.. her arm is healing very well ... I took out the stitches before we went to my uncles funeral. She wanted them out so she didn't have to have a big ole bandage on her elbow.. So I got all 10 of them out.. good thing the Doctor used blue thread it was easy to see them that way. Well I am going to change subjects sorry to be so random but I have had a ruff last month with clients also the 2 months before.. Hubby is not to happy and wants me to just give up the shop and not have it any more. I have had a few more than I had the previous month but not enough to make bills and he is up set that I am taking money he makes to support my shop.. And says it is not fair to the family. So I have been in deep thought over this..I just can't give it up.. not yet anyway.. Any way I will close for now and get ready for my 1:00 pedi client..