Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Morning..

Good morning.. It is a rainy day here.. And a bit chilly it is a whoppin 45 out.. Guess what we got yesterday.. We got a new furbaby.. it is a striped little kitten.. It is for my son. Since I have a black and white cat Yang.. and hubby has a striped cat Lucky and I also have a tiny toy poodle Toby. We decided he need a pet to take care of.. well he pretty much takes care of the others too. Well we all do.. This one he will be solely responsible for..

I wanted to tell you all that I made some super cute photo holder wallets.. I made over a dozen ... 8 of them went for a Goodie swap I am in on a Craftin Forum. Those laadies will be so shocked when they get em... as they aren't expecting those.. That is why it is called a goodie.. Everyone takes a month and sends out goodies to the ones that signed up for it.. And the month of Nov. is mine.. I also put a few other goodies in there... but the biggie is the photo wallets... :-) Anyway wanted to share a bit.. I am off to get ready for work... So have a great day !!!!

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  1. Hi Good Morning!! I loved reading your post ;) and.. congrats on the new kitty! yeah... super fun! :)
    ok.. so excited to hear you made the photo holder wallets!! wow they will LOVE THEM!! Don't forget to take a picture of them and post!! :)
    with a grin,