Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec. 11,2010

Hello all
It is Dec. were has the months went. I have been busy with work and getting my Secret Santa ready for my partner this last few months. I have been working on my charms for a charm swap at It is for Kathy the Canadianscrappergirl. It is Dec. Charm swap.. I have six made already and working on the other six and I have to make my tags for them to go on.. I will try to post pictures if my stupid camera will work..Been having issues with it. I almost didn't get my secret Santa videoed for you tube.. (1Angelbrat) It has been a depressing time this year not sure why tho, I haven't even gotten my tree up or the house decorated. I am a bit overwhelmed with my house. I just haven't had the ambitions to clean or to do anything.. . I pray it gets better. Anyway I am still waiting on my 35 subbies.. That is enough to depress a person.. THat no one wants to subscribe to your blog.. Guess I am not popular enough or worthy enough to have anymore peopoe sub to me.. Anyway I am off to get some things done.. Maybe laundry.. it is quite a pile in the basement.. Since it is a rainey day and I don't want to go anywhere.. and it is geting quite cold too maybe snow tonight..

Anyway see you all later..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy November

Well it is the 2nd of Nov. And it is a bit chilly. I am so excited it is getting to that time of year again. Thanksgiving and then Christmas.. I have been trying to do some Christmas shopping.. But it is not truning out very good.. I keep buying stuff for me.. Specially in the craft dept.. I have to get out of this habit and start beening a bit more sharing and start shopping for everyone else..

I am in a ACT Card swap at This is my second one. I did a Halloween one and now this one is a Thanksgiving and Fall one.. I am getting paper picked out and going to start on these. in the next couple of days..

Well I will up date later.. It is time for me to go and get my Lady to take her to get Blood work done... C Ya Later..


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Well it is October

And I have 28 peeps come on help me get 35 so I can give away my Blog candy...It is getting close to the holidays................ so it would be a great suprise for someone to have some stuff it create with.............. I have created my first ACT CARD it is a Halloween themed one. I will post pictures soon.

Also wanted to say Fall is my favorite time of year......well one of them..... Christmas is also my fave also......and the snow.... Teeheehehehehe
Love being cozy and sipping something hot and creating or reading a good book or just veggin out with tv...
Well I will close for now...

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Hello just a reminder I still have the blog candy and it is getting bigger and bigger as I keep shopping.. I am waiting to get 35 subbies... when I do it is going to be a big Blog Candy Give Away.... So get ever one you know to sub here and get entered in for the Blog Candy Give Away!!!!!

Wow it has Been A

long time since I have been here.. Been busy with work and vacation .... But wanted to come here and say I hope you all had a GREAT SUMMER and got a lot that you wanted done... I am starting anew adventure.. I am a member at and Gina is starting a on going work in progress and it is going to be a mini for my self since I need a bit of help in the area of getting busy on my scrapbooking and scrappin period..

I love all the people that I subscribe to on You Tube.. I am addicited to that .. I have gotten so much enjoyment out of seeing all the talent out there. and I so hope to be one of those talented people out there.. Just to get over my self and the fear of that blasted camera.. LOL LOL I have a bunch of hauls that I need to video and loead to my YT account.. Well anyway.. school is starting and I have one day a week off which is Mondays I hope to catch up after my son goes back to school.. so I will sign off for the night and hope to be back here and updating you all. Sorry for not having exciting stuff...


Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st National Scrapbooking Day!!

Hello all and Happy NSD! I have watched the you tube vidsw on this wonderful day and I have to get crackin and get some scrapbooking done. Or at least on this day clean up my scrapbook room. LOL LOL Any way I just wanted to wish you all a Happy National Scrapbookin Day!!!! Maybe I can get some pictures up here of my scrap room.... But don't hold your breath.. Ya all might pass Anyway I wanted to touch base with you all. And I hope to be better at this bloggen thing.. Oh yeah I got a new Cricut cartridge.. Create A Critter. I love it.
So Happy Scrapping!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Almost the Weekend...

WOOO HOOO IT IS ALMOST THE WEEKEND.. And I am going to work on the In-laws mini album since I have to have it done on the 14th of March. YIKES!!! I need to work fast.. Any way I have the paper picked out it is the K&Co. Life's Journey. This is there 50th Wedding annivesary. And thought the paper was beautiful. I need to find some charms and some fibers to put on the ring... also need to look for some vintage lace to use in the album.. It sounds like a shopping trip to me... LOL Anyway I will keep you all updated as to how it is coming along.. and hopefully post some pictures.. On here... So stay tune..... And keep looking out for pictures.....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Already

Wow it is saaturday already .... were has this week went .. Wow flown by fast.. I see I have a few more subscribers. Woot Woot so happy we are getting there.. 35 is fastly approching.. I have been working on a Mini and playing with the Cricut.. Love that little machine. :) I will be back later on today with more.. Hopefully with some pics of my mini I am working on.. Have a great day ..

Monday, February 15, 2010

Time for Scrappin Blog candy

Hi I am putting in a Plug in for Tanya at her site "Time for Scrappin" She is giving a way a big bite .. and at her blog she has all her details.. so check it out.. @ Friday, February 12, 2010
Blog Giveaway

Hi there! It's time to do our first blog giveaway. I have a brand spankin' new pink Crop-A-Dile II Big Bite up for grabs. To win:
1. Subscribe to my blog and post a link to the giveaway on your blog if you have one.
2. Leave a link to your blog on my post.

The winner will be chosen next Friday, February 19th. Her is the site So check it out and join in on the fun.. she has some wonderful ideas and also some really nice mini's.. so check her out...

More Pictures of goodies from Bev and Jennifer.

These are from some of my Friends at the Life on the scrapbeach. I love that place too. Here are some more pictures of the goodies.. This is Bev's goodies and my mini she made me.. Woo Hooo

Monday Happy Presidents day..

Happy Presidents day.. It is Monday and I am off and so is the Kids.. It has snowed and blowed and thus cancelling our plans for today. We were to meet my SIL and go shopping for the Inlaws 50 wedding anniversary. So we will have to do it later on.. but can't wait to long as there Anniv. Is in March.. Yikes.. Doesn't give us a long time. I think my gift to them will be a Scrapbook. But not sure of the paper to use. Any one got any ideas as to what paper I sould use? I am also on the look out for a charm in the numeral 50 to put on the book. As in I am doing a Mini. I am going to ask my SIL for wome Wedding pics to put in it as she has all the pics. and easy access to them also. Hehehehe So I am open to all suggestions.. Even was wondering what kind of shape to make it.. Maybe a 50 or not... just throwing that out there. I am in need of some help..

Anyway I am horading stuff for the blog candy.. Got some cool charms to go in the candy.. Woohoo So I am hoping you are telling your friends about becoming a subscriber here .. so we can make it to the 35 subscribers...

I hope to have 35 by Spring.. Because I want to get some spring things to add to the blog candy.. I will post pictures of a Rak I got this last week From Bev at the "Life on the Scrap Beach" Such cutie things.. I love it Bev.. I also got a Rak from Jennifer from there also.. She sent me some Chipboard castles for my Niece.. It was her 3rd birthday and the theme was Princess and I want to make a mini for her.. so she can remember her 3rd birthday. I also got a few from Bev too so now I can make one for my mom and one for me and my Daughter also.. so we can all have this memory.. So I am going to go and get pictures and will be back with them in a bit..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hump Day

Good Wednsday Afternoon. It is cloudy here and a high 37 out. Today is hump day cuz after today it is all down hill to the weekend. I have been busy working on a Mini and I had some help Thanks Kathy.. I really needed it. I see I have 18 subscribers.. Woot Woot.. I am getting closer.. and getting closer to giving the blog candy away.. Been pretty bummed.. but I guess I will get over it.. Any way just wanted to check in and say Hi and that I am busy doing the mini and as soon as I have it done I will post pictures here.. Woot Woot!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday already

Hello it is already Saturday and I have been busy today. I worked some more on a mini that I am working on for a swap.. I am just stuck as to how to embelish it... I love the paper I picked out it is the K & CO. Berry Sweet. Love that paper. I also got my new dryer in today and I love it. I did a few loads in it so far as I have been working on my mini and playing with the Cricut today. We went out to dinner and then to Menards and then Staples.. And back home tonight. SO I am doing laundry again and working on the mini again. I might head over to the "Beach" The Scrappy Life Beach.. Love that place.. I have made some new friends. But I haven't forgotten my other friends at the other boards and forums that I am on.. Just been busy to visit very often.. Usally visit late at night. Anyway I see we have a new follower and we are up to 17 as of today.. Wooo Hooo I can't wait until I hit 35.. YAY!!!! Of course I don't want my blog candy to be cheesy so I have been buyin like every little thing that I think is cute and would work in mini's or in any scrapbooking or card making project.. Anyway I am off for now.. Have a great day......

Friday, January 29, 2010

Woo Hoo Excited.... check it out..

WWWooooooooooooooooooHHHHHHHooooooooooooooo I have 16 so far it is getting there.. Thank you to all my subscribers.. I am getting excited. I also have a friend that is doing blog candy also and here is her site.. she is from out of the states.. and her candy is super cute... so check her out.. thanks.

This is my picture of a Prima flower I altered with Glimmer Mist. (Viva Pink & Black Magic and the Electric Blue and the Silver Sugar) This is the color I got . I put a pearl brad in the center.

Good Morning

Good Morning.. It is Friday. YAY YAY !! So excited it is the weekend. Well I first of all want to tell everyone that my mom is on the mend.. She had back surgery Monday the 18th and it was for some pinched nerves and some of her disc's were sliped... I am so glad she is feeling so much better. She went to the Doctor yesterday and he said that she was healing fine and that he would see her back in 4 weeks. So I am pleased with the out come so far. Anyway just wanted to share that little tid bit.

So today is Friday and a work day... We are to get a big snow storm to come thur here today.. We are to go tonight to Menards for hubby. He is wanting some sort of tool.. and then to the store for some gorcerys for his Mens Breakfast he is having at church Sat. Morning. He and my son are so pumped for this.. It is were the men make the breakfast and they have fellowship and will no doubt be followed by a game of Basketball in the gym.. So Saturday will be my day of laundry since I got a new dryer last night. and i am going to work on a mini and cut some papers and to play with my new Glimmer Mist.. and my Smooches.. I have some flowers I want to alter. So this is going to be fun.. Have to get my heat gun out so I can dry the flowers... :) I am so excited because if we get snowed in I can play with my Cricut and my new glimmer mist and smooches and work on scrapbooking and mini's.. I also want to try my hand at making some of the paper flowers that I seen on You Tube and glimmer mist them. I need to get out the old grocery bags and some old books and maybe the old news papers also so I can make them. I did get me a cutter that cuts circles and squares and ovals.. I wonder what a flower would look like cut out in an oval?? Hummm going to have to try that.. anyway I need to get going and get ready for work but wanted to post today.. as I am trying to post often.. Cuz I don't want to loose my subscribers.. I am trying to be intresting.. LOL I am going to post a picture of a flower I cut out with my Cricut..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday BLAH

Hello all. It is Monday and I feel miserable.. I have sinus trouble.. so I have the headache and stuffy nose and the pressure around the eyes.. anyway enough about my ailments.. lol It is a cold day today and I need to get my butt in gear and do something.. I have a few mini's I need to work on and I have stuff to go to the post office.. Just wish I felt like getting out.. I can't wait to get my 35 members.. I have been picking up stuff for the Blog Candy.. I even have a special thing that many have been looking for.. and I snagged some.. he he he he.. so I can't wait to get my 35 members.. But of course if I kept up better at writting in my blog and lead an exciting life I might have over 35.. LOL LOL But I am working on it.. I would like to hear from all of you that are already members of my blog to give me suggestions of how I can spice it up... And what you would like to see on here...

Well I am going to get off the computer and get started on some things.. see you later on and will be back on her to write more... Hopefuly...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday OiVey

Well hee it is Sunday and another week is about to begin. I have been at the alaundry for the last 3 days ... but not to hard at it. LOL And it is not done. I went shopping yesterday gathering stuff fot the blog candy.. I am getting excited for this. I can't shop to long because of my back it hurts to do to much walking around.. so I do it when it is not hurting and quit when it starts... Big Lots had some deals on there Heidi Swap stuff and I got some goodies at the LSS also that was on sale.. So this Blog Candy is shaping up.. Not much but coming along.. So please get all your friends to subscribe and the more the merrier.. I guess I need some rules?? This is my first blog candy give away.. so anyone if you can help me please leave a comment on how to do this. I do know I want to get At least 30 more people and I have gained 5 new ones so far. YAY!!!!! So I have 10 followers and my goal is 35.. so i guess the rules are :

1. When I hit 35 I will post a post and the comments on it I will pick from.
2. I don't know when it will be...
3. I need HELP!! Please comment.. LOL
Have a great Sunday....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday already

Wow this is Saturday all ready.. wow where has this week and the first week of January gone? Well I have been a bit sluggish this past week. And have mounds and mounds of laundry to do.. I am slowly getting it done. I think today I am going to play with my Cricut and play with my new cartridges.. I am so excited. I will try to post pictures on here as soon as I figure out how to.. LOL LOL If anyone knows how please leave me acomment and I am not to computer smart when it comes to that.. anywho I a amd going to go to bed cause I have to be up early so I will catch you all later..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Well I am starting out this New Year with ???

My own Blog candy... So if you see this and would put it on your blogs and You Tube spots I would appreciate it.. I want aleast 30 new members to subscribe to my blog. when I hit that magic number of 35 I will have a drawing for the blog candy ..... I am starting with a pack of paper and every time I get a new member I will ad to the Stash and add a new item to it.. so come on Lets Get THIS NEW YEAR A ROCKIN.................

Happy New Year,