Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday OiVey

Well hee it is Sunday and another week is about to begin. I have been at the alaundry for the last 3 days ... but not to hard at it. LOL And it is not done. I went shopping yesterday gathering stuff fot the blog candy.. I am getting excited for this. I can't shop to long because of my back it hurts to do to much walking around.. so I do it when it is not hurting and quit when it starts... Big Lots had some deals on there Heidi Swap stuff and I got some goodies at the LSS also that was on sale.. So this Blog Candy is shaping up.. Not much but coming along.. So please get all your friends to subscribe and the more the merrier.. I guess I need some rules?? This is my first blog candy give away.. so anyone if you can help me please leave a comment on how to do this. I do know I want to get At least 30 more people and I have gained 5 new ones so far. YAY!!!!! So I have 10 followers and my goal is 35.. so i guess the rules are :

1. When I hit 35 I will post a post and the comments on it I will pick from.
2. I don't know when it will be...
3. I need HELP!! Please comment.. LOL
Have a great Sunday....


  1. Hey Melody, How about putting a post on the beach site to get some more subscriber!

  2. Melody
    Show us what you have been working on.