Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Happy Presidents day..

Happy Presidents day.. It is Monday and I am off and so is the Kids.. It has snowed and blowed and thus cancelling our plans for today. We were to meet my SIL and go shopping for the Inlaws 50 wedding anniversary. So we will have to do it later on.. but can't wait to long as there Anniv. Is in March.. Yikes.. Doesn't give us a long time. I think my gift to them will be a Scrapbook. But not sure of the paper to use. Any one got any ideas as to what paper I sould use? I am also on the look out for a charm in the numeral 50 to put on the book. As in I am doing a Mini. I am going to ask my SIL for wome Wedding pics to put in it as she has all the pics. and easy access to them also. Hehehehe So I am open to all suggestions.. Even was wondering what kind of shape to make it.. Maybe a 50 or not... just throwing that out there. I am in need of some help..

Anyway I am horading stuff for the blog candy.. Got some cool charms to go in the candy.. Woohoo So I am hoping you are telling your friends about becoming a subscriber here .. so we can make it to the 35 subscribers...

I hope to have 35 by Spring.. Because I want to get some spring things to add to the blog candy.. I will post pictures of a Rak I got this last week From Bev at the "Life on the Scrap Beach" Such cutie things.. I love it Bev.. I also got a Rak from Jennifer from there also.. She sent me some Chipboard castles for my Niece.. It was her 3rd birthday and the theme was Princess and I want to make a mini for her.. so she can remember her 3rd birthday. I also got a few from Bev too so now I can make one for my mom and one for me and my Daughter also.. so we can all have this memory.. So I am going to go and get pictures and will be back with them in a bit..

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