Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wow it has Been A

long time since I have been here.. Been busy with work and vacation .... But wanted to come here and say I hope you all had a GREAT SUMMER and got a lot that you wanted done... I am starting anew adventure.. I am a member at and Gina is starting a on going work in progress and it is going to be a mini for my self since I need a bit of help in the area of getting busy on my scrapbooking and scrappin period..

I love all the people that I subscribe to on You Tube.. I am addicited to that .. I have gotten so much enjoyment out of seeing all the talent out there. and I so hope to be one of those talented people out there.. Just to get over my self and the fear of that blasted camera.. LOL LOL I have a bunch of hauls that I need to video and loead to my YT account.. Well anyway.. school is starting and I have one day a week off which is Mondays I hope to catch up after my son goes back to school.. so I will sign off for the night and hope to be back here and updating you all. Sorry for not having exciting stuff...


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