Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dec. 11,2010

Hello all
It is Dec. were has the months went. I have been busy with work and getting my Secret Santa ready for my partner this last few months. I have been working on my charms for a charm swap at It is for Kathy the Canadianscrappergirl. It is Dec. Charm swap.. I have six made already and working on the other six and I have to make my tags for them to go on.. I will try to post pictures if my stupid camera will work..Been having issues with it. I almost didn't get my secret Santa videoed for you tube.. (1Angelbrat) It has been a depressing time this year not sure why tho, I haven't even gotten my tree up or the house decorated. I am a bit overwhelmed with my house. I just haven't had the ambitions to clean or to do anything.. . I pray it gets better. Anyway I am still waiting on my 35 subbies.. That is enough to depress a person.. THat no one wants to subscribe to your blog.. Guess I am not popular enough or worthy enough to have anymore peopoe sub to me.. Anyway I am off to get some things done.. Maybe laundry.. it is quite a pile in the basement.. Since it is a rainey day and I don't want to go anywhere.. and it is geting quite cold too maybe snow tonight..

Anyway see you all later..

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