Friday, March 18, 2011


OMG I can't believe it I have 31 Subbies.. Yahooooooooo so it is time for a give away.. U have from March 18th until 25th to post this on your blog that I am having a giveaway and to post here with your blog name and also post on here.
So let the giveaway begin.. Please read the one before this for the rules and of course this one.. This is my first time doing this I hope I do it right. Please input is welcome also.. I can't wait to see everyones comments..
Happy Scrappin..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15. 2011

Wow March is all ready here.. Where has the time went.. Right now I am working on a mini.... I will post pictures as soon as I am finish...I am sending it to a friend.. I hope she likes it...Then I am going to make another one for another friend...I hope she likes hers also..

I have given up on the blog drawing.. I never got my 35 Subbies.. So I am going to do a drawing for someone that already subscribes and here is the rules.

1. Must be a subbie.

2. Must post a comment on the appropriate post.

3. Must put this on there blog about my giveaway..