Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15. 2011

Wow March is all ready here.. Where has the time went.. Right now I am working on a mini.... I will post pictures as soon as I am finish...I am sending it to a friend.. I hope she likes it...Then I am going to make another one for another friend...I hope she likes hers also..

I have given up on the blog drawing.. I never got my 35 Subbies.. So I am going to do a drawing for someone that already subscribes and here is the rules.

1. Must be a subbie.

2. Must post a comment on the appropriate post.

3. Must put this on there blog about my giveaway..




  1. :O melllll i didnt know you had a blog!!! Ill be sure to speard it around!!!
    <3 Nicci

  2. Hope i did the rules right!! <33