Monday, January 2, 2012


WOW HAPPY NEW YEAR AND 2012. Well it has been since march that I have been on here. I am a bad blogger but it is one of my new years resolutions to get better. And to post more pics and to craft more.. I know it is a lot to start out with but I am going to try my best and as my husband say "All U can do is your best" & "If U do ur best then that should be good enough." So Onward and Upward.. It is an adventure everyday... So as this new year starts out.
Yesterday Jan. 1,2012 Was a great day had church and then dinner at my mom;s for our yearly Ham & Beans and corn bread and Fried potatoes.. And then a bit of shoppin with mom and then back to church last night.. Yesterday was a great day.

Jan. 2, 2012: Today I got up late and it felt great and got to do a bit of leisure surfing the net. And I have watched utube and gotten some Ideas for this year.. Later on It will be taking down the Christmas tree and decor and then laundry. Need it for this next week. My son said this year he was going to get up and not give me grief at going to school .. I pray he sticks with it.. He and his Girl Friend Mallory have been dating for 6 months today.... She has been so good for him.. His wrestling season is almost over we have this month and it will be done. He has an all day thing Saturday the 7th... So his dad and I will be working there most of Saturday.. Any way I am off to get started on the tree and laundry..
Happy New Year!!!



  1. Yay Melody you updated your blog! Good for you on having some goals for this new year I have some similar ones too! Sounds like you had a great new year! TFS!

  2. Yeah just need to continue to update it, LOL