Monday, February 20, 2012

Hello Well it is the last week or so of February. It feels if my world is turned up side down.. I lost a Uncle 3 weeks ago and now I am losing another one.. Both to the dreadful Cancer.. I hate cancer it has taken do many of my family members and friends.. It doesn't get any better. If that isn't enough I have had a cough for over 4 months now.. Afraid to go to the Dr. I know I should.. But still afraid.. Then if that isn't bad enough my son is giving me fits.. I just don't know how to handle it all. Hubby is to harsh on him and it upsets me when they holler back and forth.. I guess i am the peacemaker or peace keeper.. I have always tried to keep peace in the family and not try to cause waves.. Even if it isn't my fault and it is a family member causing the trouble I just roll over and give in.. Just to keep peace in the family and to have a happy life.. Which at this point I am not happy. Oh well .. That is me the wishy washey person that I am.. anyway I am off here to get some laundry done... Just need my mojo back to scrap... Maybe this is what I can Put in my smash book my dreadful life.. Ha Ha Well I will close for now.. Will write more later..
Melody & My SO CALLED LIFE.....

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