Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good Morning March 7,2012

Good Windy Wednesday!!
It is so windy today.. and there predicting rain for the rest of the week after today.. Been a busy week. I have to go and get my B12& B6 shot Thursday and Friday my son is off to a school function and will return home Saturday night. Going to a Global Fest for his Spanish club.. Not sure what I am going to do this weekend.. With rain and all .. probably do laundry and just chill. Or tackle some closet that need cleaning out. Who knows.. Well things are going good with the weight loss.. I am keeping a journal on my computer and writing down everything I eat. Also got a call yesterday from the clinic.. my blood that they drew had some issues. 1. I am anemic and 2. High cholesterol & 3. I have a very low reading on my Thyroid and there wanting to give me medication for it. So maybe that is why I am fat..... lol Anyway I have to go and see the PA when I get my shot to see what I need to do. I will let you all know.. But I best close for now and finish getting ready for work.


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