Thursday, April 5, 2012

Well it is another day in the life of Me.... I have some really good news I lost another 4 pounds this last week. I am getting so super excited. I love the B 12 & B6 shots... they are so working... My daughter lost another 2 pounds.. I am super excited for her..

Well the Easter season is upon us. I just Praise the Lord for all that he has done In my life and my Families lives.. I am having Easter at my house I think unless my daughter wants to have it at her house.. Either way it will help my mom out.. her arm is healing very well ... I took out the stitches before we went to my uncles funeral. She wanted them out so she didn't have to have a big ole bandage on her elbow.. So I got all 10 of them out.. good thing the Doctor used blue thread it was easy to see them that way. Well I am going to change subjects sorry to be so random but I have had a ruff last month with clients also the 2 months before.. Hubby is not to happy and wants me to just give up the shop and not have it any more. I have had a few more than I had the previous month but not enough to make bills and he is up set that I am taking money he makes to support my shop.. And says it is not fair to the family. So I have been in deep thought over this..I just can't give it up.. not yet anyway.. Any way I will close for now and get ready for my 1:00 pedi client..


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