Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Terrible Tuesday's

Well it is Tuesday the 11th day of Sept. thus the 9-11-01 anniversary. A sad day for our nation.. I often ponder why why did this have to happen. And then I get to thinking of the next 12-12-12 day.. what will that day bring. I have many tell me to quit thinking about it. But I can't.. I think of what this nation means to me and to others of my family and what God means to me. It is a real eye opening think to stop and think of the possibilities. I love God and my family and then so on. But God come first and then my family and then career job or what ever. But most of All God should come first in everyone's life. I hope I have instilled that in my Children and I hope my family (parents and brother) understand and I hope they follow this and put God first in there lives. All so on a day like this I pray that you will not be offended at my post. If it does I am sorry and Pray that God will be Lord of your life. So take today to stop and reflect on your life.. because others didn't have the chance to do that 11yrs ago.. So Have a Blessed day. Melody

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