Saturday, March 9, 2013

MARCH 9,2013 Where has the time went?!

Wow were has the months went. It is already the 9th of March. And I feel as if my life is in a sort of limbo.. and that I haven't made a diffrence. I so want to make a diffrence. But there is umm sort of a block it feels like. Anyway I have been hunting for things that I can't find and it totally drives me nuts. I have lost my new Red Smash book..And I am wanting to start in it since that is the school colors and want to start on it for his wrestling... Scrapbook like.. Grrr I am ready to go on this.Before I lose all of my stuff to put in it.. LOL My orgnazation skills aren't the greatest. Wish I could afford some one to come in and clean and organize for me. Anyway I have done some orgnizing some what. But I just don't have the energry. I guess I need to go to the doctor and see why I am so tired and no engery. Any way I will be off.

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